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Docuprint Product Details

Garden Markers

Dimensions: N/A
Order Unit: Package Of 3 Markers
Price: $10.00

Felt Tipped Garden Markers For Writing On Outdoor And Indoor Signs 

  • For Outdoor & Indoor Use
  • Water & Fade Resistant
  • 3 Garden Markers Per Package

All Weather Magnets

Dimensions: 1" x 1"
Order Unit: Package Of 30 Strips, 8 Magnets To A Strip (240 Individual Pieces)
Price: $25.00

Extra Strength Thin Magnets With All Weather Adhesive On Back Side

Clean Solution To Displaying Signs On -

  • Steel Racks
  • Steel Building Or Steel Siding
  • Anything Steel

Use Indoors Or Outdoors - For displaying 11" x 8 1/2" Sign. Docuprint recommends using 4 magnets ~ one for each corner for Outdoor Signs and possibly 2 magnets ~ top 2 corners for Indoor Signs. On Indoor Signs with tape, magnets need to be placed below tape/liner. 

Double Adhesive Foam Pieces

Dimensions: 1" x 1"
Order Unit: Package Of 30 Sheets, 8 Foam Pieces To A Sheet (240 Individual Pieces)
Price: $25.00

Diecut 1/8" Foam Double Adhesive Pieces

Display Signs On Difficult Surfaces -

  • Statuary
  • Pottery
  • Wood
  • Concrete, etc, etc.

2 Adhesive Choices

Permanent/Removable is an aggressive removable. Sign can be removed cleanly ~ any residue left behind will easily rub off.

Permanent/Permanent is a very permanent adhesive and is for situations where you want to guarantee that sign will not fall off ~ it will leave torn foam and adhesive when removing.

Twist Ties

Dimensions: 9" Length
Order Unit: Box Of 1,000
Price: $25.00

Pre-Cut Plastic Twist Ties 

  • Moisture Resistant - Can Be Used Outdoors
  • 27 Gauge Flexible Wire
  • Available In White


Stretch String

Dimensions: 12" Length
Order Unit: Bundle Of 250
Price: $25.00

Stretch String For Outdoor And/Or Indoor Signs/Tags

  • Ease Of Hanging Sign/Tag
  • Ease Of Removing Sign/Tag
    (To Remove, Pull Sign & Cut Stretch String)